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  Xeon 2.5GHz Proliant Processor Replacement Video. (Part# 331003-B21)

FRU Removal and Replacement: Processor


Xeon 2.5GHz Proliant Processor Replacement Procedure. Part# 331003-B21

This is a non-hot plug procedure.

Removing the processor

  1. Power down the server.
  2. Remove the access panel.
  3. For a secondary processor, remove the PCI riser cage.
  4. Open the processor retaining bracket.
  5. Lift up the locking lever.
  6. Remove the processor and heatsink assembly.

Replacing or installing Processor Part# 331003-B21

  1. Set the processor assembly in place on the connector. Be sure that tab for assembly is located on the same side as the processor release lever.
  2. Close processor locking lever.
  3. Close processor retaining bracket.