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  313611-B21 Pentium II 350 MHz Slot 1 512K Processor Option Kit
  313612-B21 Pentium II 400 MHz Slot 1 512K Processor Option Kit
  313618-B21 Pentium II 450 MHz Slot 1 512K Processor Option Kit
  401268-B21 Pentium III 500 MHz Slot 1 512K Processor Option Kit
  124779-B21 Pentium III 550MHz 512KB Processor Option Kit
  153555-B21 600 MHz Option Kit
  144003-B21 Thermal Upgrade Kit - Required to upgrade PL800/1600/1850R 350/400/450/500 MHz models to a 550/600MHz processor.
  Memory (DIMMs)
  313613-B21 32MB SDRAM DIMM Kit
  313614-B21 64MB SDRAM DIMM Kit
  313615-B21 128MB SDRAM DIMM Kit
  313616-B21 256MB SDRAM DIMM Kit
  Non-Hot Pluggable Hard Drives
  339506-B21 4.3-GB Wide Ultra SCSI-3 Drive (1")
  242584-001 4.3-Gigabyte Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 Hard Drive (1")
  349526-B21 9.1GB Wide Ultra2 SCSI Hard Drive (1)
  339509-B21 9.1-GB Wide Ultra SCSI-3 Drive (1")
  388143-B21 18.2-GB Wide Ultra 2 SCSI Hard Drive (1")
  Storage Controllers
  272514-001 Compaq Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 Controller (PCI)
  295554-B21 Compaq Dual-Channel Wide-Ultra SCSI-3 Controller (PCI)
  348757-B21 64-Bit Dual Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI Adapter
  388099-B21 Smart Array 221 Controller
  295643-B21 Smart Array 3200 Controller
  295636-B21 Smart Array 4200 Controller
  295242-B21 Compaq SMART-2DH Array Controller
  242776-B21 Compaq SMART-2SL Array Controller