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       Proliant DL560 G1 OPTIONS
   Proliant DL560 Server Options
 DL560 G1 Server Options  DL560 G8 Server Options
Proliant DL560 G1 - Processor Kits
 Proliant DL560 G1 Intel Xeon Processor Option Kits
Proliant DL560 G8 - Processor Kits
  Proliant DL560 G8 Four-Core Processors
  Proliant DL560 G8 Six-Core Processors
  Proliant DL560 G8 Eight-Core Processors
Note: Up to 4 processors supported. Performance Model includes four processors.
Note: All processors within the server must be identical.
Proliant DL560 G1 - Memory Kits
 Proliant DL560 G1 DDR SDRAM DIMM Memory Kits
Proliant DL560 G8 - Memory Kits
 Proliant DL560 G8 Registered DIMMs (RDIMMs) Memory Kits
 Proliant DL560 G8 Load Reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs) Memory Kits
Note: LRDIMMs are not supported in the 10 SFF drive configuration.
Note: PC3L is a low voltage memory.
Note: LRDIMM, RDIMM and UDIMMs are all distinct memory technologies and cannot be mixed within a server. The majority of ProLiant Gen8 servers support RDIMM, UDIMM and LRDIMM.
Proliant DL560 G1 Options - Ultra320 (U320) 3.5" (LFF) Hard Drives
 Proliant Ultra320 (U320) Hot-Plug 3.5" (LFF) Hard Drives - Option Part Numbers
 Proliant Ultra320 (U320) Hot-Plug 3.5" (LFF) Hard Drives - Spare Part Numbers
Proliant DL560 G1 - Power Supply Kits
 Proliant DL560 G1 Hot Plug Power Supplies
Proliant DL560 G8 - Power Supply Kits
 Proliant DL560 G8 Common Slot Platinum Plus Power Supply Kits
Note: The following Power Supplies offer 94% Efficiency with support for Intelligent Power Discovery.
Proliant DL560 G1 - Storage Controllers
 Proliant DL560 G1 Storage Controllers
Note: This 512-MB Battery-Backed Cache Module upgrade kit supports the Smart Array P600 Controller and the Smart Array 6400 series Controller.
Note: This 256-MB Battery-Backed Cache Module supports the Smart Array 5300 series controllers, MSA 1000 and the Smart Array Cluster Storage.
Note: For support of external Drives only.
Proliant DL560 G8 - Storage Controller
 Proliant DL560 G8 P222 Controllers
Note: A quantity of 1 HP Mini SAS Str to Left 33in Cable Assy (662899-B21 ) is required for proper connectivity.
 Proliant DL560 G8 P420 Controllers
 Proliant DL560 G8 P421 Controllers
 Proliant DL560 G8 P822 Controllers
Note: A quantity of 2 HP Mini SAS Str to Left 33in Cable Assy (662899-B21 ) are required for proper connectivity.
 Proliant DL560 G8 Optional Upgrades
 Proliant DL560 G8 Host Bus Adapters
Note: This is a 2 x4 External Port HBA.
Note: This is only approved for the HP P2000 G3 SAS Modular Smart and tape drives.
Proliant DL560 G1 - Communication
 Proliant DL560 G1 Gigabit Server Adapters
Note: Any NIC on the option list can be used for redundancy with the embedded NC7781 Network Controller.
Proliant DL560 G8 - Communication
 Proliant DL560 G8 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters
 Proliant DL560 G8 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters
 Proliant DL560 G8 FlexibleLOM Adapters
Proliant DL560 Quickspec Links
 Proliant DL560 G1 QuickSpecs
 Proliant DL560 G8 QuickSpecs
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